NEWS: 512Gbps over a single fibre channel - Click Here

Deutsche Telekom’s research wing has successfully transmitted data over a single optical fibre wavelength at 512Gbps, the company has announced.

The current maximum bit rate for channels operating in backbone networks isĀ 100Gbps. T-Labs working with Alcatel-Lucent said on Friday that the usable bit rate of the new technology would be 400Gbps per channel.

"While the bar is higher for fibre-optic transmission in a laboratory setting, this record was set under real-world conditions in the Telekom optical network on a route of 734km from Berlin to Hanover and back by speed of light," Deutsche Telekom said.

As T-Labs’s system allows for up to 48 channels per optical fibre, the new technology should lead to fibre strands with a theoretical maximum throughput of 24.6Tbps.

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